About us
Everybody has a dream and it seems to be one of the essential criteria to locate the potential difference between what you want and what you do to achieve what you want.  Bigger the dream higher is the target bar.  At J.D.Corporation, we have a dream which is not big, but the size of this dream is colossal, and we all strive each day and night to get closer to achieve what we dream.   But every day gone by and every night to come we have yet another dream which is much much bigger than the previous one.  Ritual goes on and on every day, new day new dream, and bigger achievements bigger dreams.
Our mission commits to delivering products and services that match international quality and standards without compromise and undertakes special efforts to maintain the consistency as per the quoted standards and norms.   This commitment to quality is equally matched by a very strong sense of customer focus and continuing culture of innovation.  “No Compromise” is the first word in our dictionary.  All others are secondary.  Let that be the aesthetics of a product, a new project, an advertisement campaign or even a display window.   It will always be a shade apart from all others and have a class of its own.
  • No compromises in terms of quality, finish and aesthetics
  • Always go for the best available.
  • International way of working
  • Automation to maximum, wherever possible.
  • Stand for good.
  • Do things differently
  • Dream big and achieve it.
  • Believe in capabilities
We believe that people are the corner stones of all business and this translates into a spirit of sharing and caring for employees and business associates.   It also provides the umbilical link to initiatives that mirror good corporate citizenship and social responsibility.


Year:      2007-2008    Rs. 179/- Lacs

                            2008-2009    Rs. 159/- Lacs
We at J.D.Corporation are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through timely delivery of customer’s requirement of specified quality which consistently meet or exceed customer satisfactions.